Lectors proclaim the Readings from Scripture at Mass and special liturgies. Lectors are assigned to serve twice a month. Training is provided.   Contact: Rectory Receptionist (631) 264-0124


Junior Lectors


Boys and girls, from 8th grade through high school, have the opportunity to proclaim the Readings from Scripture at the Sunday 9:00 am Family Liturgy and other special liturgies. Two Junior Lectors are assigned to each Family Liturgy. Each lector serves once a month. Training is provided.   Contact: Mary Buschman (631) 691-5881


Altar Servers


Boys and girls, from 5th grade to high school, are given the opportunity to serve at Mass on Sundays, Holy Days, and for weddings and funerals throughout the year.  Servers are assigned for weekend Masses approximately twice a month. Training is provided.

Contact: Rectory Receptionist (631) 264-0124

Print the sign-up sheet here: Altar Servers


Special Ministers of the Eucharist


Eucharistic Ministers assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass, and as members of the Pastoral Care Team, bring the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. Interested parishioners must send a letter of request to the Pastor.  The Diocese requires one day of training for ministers of the Eucharist at Mass and an additional day of training for ministers to the sick.  Contact: Rectory Receptionist (631) 264-0124


Ushers / Greeters: 


Ushers / Greeters: The Ushers/Greeters are parishioners who greet the people as they come together at Mass on weekends and on Holy Days. They are responsible for the Offertory collection and providing direction at Communion. The time commitment is 1 hr and 15 mins per week. Contact: Rectory Receptionist (631) 264-0124